Startup Product Summit
February 7, 2013
San Francisco, CA
The First Product Conference NOT JUST for product managers!
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Vince Baskerville

Product Manager
Product Manager, Core Community (Lithium) and Product Advisor & Co-Founder (TripLingo)
Vince is a product guy @LithiumTech, co-founder @TripLingo, an avid member of the tech community, founder for Atlanta User Experience Group, and papa-2-be with his beautiful wife. He attempts to maintain an industry blog at VincentJordan.com, and ran 8BitFeed.com. He's been working as a Developer and Designer for over a decade and is known for crafting highly intuitive/engaging digital products — in addition for being an adrenaline junkie! He's had the opportunity to work for the military, educational institutions, creative agencies and startups. Currently, much of his time is being focused on Lithium, and advising a few local startups.